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Welcome to my world wide web presence.

I write poetry, plays and novels.

Toronto, Canada, is my home.

I am also artistic director of Platform 9 Theatre (founded in 1985 with Ken McDougall).

I write because I am;
I am because I write.


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I have been writing poetry for 40 years. I write about real people, unreal politics, the world I see, the world I don’t see, the love I feel, the fear I shun, and the me I find in awe.

I love my love poems the best. Sex=love, love=sex.

Right now I am working on The Paris Poems. Ten years of love with my partner Wendy and we go to Paris. I track our escapade of extravagance with poetic fervor. And voila!

Go to Poems to see what I've been up to.

it takes two to create a cessfool
it takes two to create a lovepool



Ah, only three decades of writing plays, most produced by my company Platform 9 Theatre in Toronto.

I have two types of plays: those about social concerns in our crappy yet lovely world; and those about my own interior world of chaos and lavishment.

I’m working on Larsen-B Goes Splash at present– Goddess has replaced God and is trying to solve Earth’s climate clanging problems! It’s time for Goddess to kick ass!

Go to Plays to check out productions, videos, photo gallery, etc.

Mr. Snake: We never killed Larsen-B on purpose. It was simply a by-product of our...our desire. Everyone loves a party even if it is the last big one. A bang not a whimper, that’s my motto.



I’m much more sporadic with prose – a handful of short stories and three novels, all unpublished – 1982, 1992, and 2009.

This third novel is called The Freakazoid Anti-Corruption Manifesto of Love. I have been spending a lot of time on it over the past year after doing little on it forever. It is a poetic romp of lusty angst and philosophic rot.

I’ve an idea for the sequel.

Go to Novels and see, well, what’s so novel.

So, I am telling you exactly what happened on the Thanksgiving weekend in the year of my resuscitation. This is the true nature of my love and unlove. I mean, if someone opens you up and sticks in a new organ, like a lung, wouldn't you want to find out something about it, about them, him or her, even if you do feel fine?

- Will Power from Freakazoid