The Beast, The Eden and The Way

Upcoming for me is a reading of my play Beast Eden Way, which I am continuing to develop.

I was commissioned to write it a few years ago for 1157 Performance Group in the UK; they performed it in 2008 as part of their Suburbia Series.

Since I could not work with them during their rehearsal period, I have been waiting for the opportunity to continue its development towards a production here in Toronto. Platform 9 Theatre is presenting this reading.



Beast Eden Way is set one evening in a brand new house.

A young couple are seeing their home for the first time since finished. They dream up colour schemes, talk about new furniture, they fight about priorities, fume over innuendo and old secrets, then they are visited by the Beast from below.

Is it, or is it not, a projection of them? It gets absurd and complicated, scary and laughable, but they begin to learn that to love in the suburbs is not all that bad after all, that is, until that which is below rises again…



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