Well, if my rat material went down then now you deserve my fly meditation.

It is based on true experience it seems – from one recent hot summer fly-swatting day. Who would have thought it was going to be a spiritual awakening?



fly zone
clone zone
a die zone
the house this day
taken over by
non stop fat black
flies buzz buzz
buzzing my head gear
my brain stain
my gnashing teeth
at the excessiveness




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then with a calm-kill hardon-ness
i pick up the sly fly swatter
swatterwith blue handle
yellow top in the
shape of a funny
man with a little killer black
bowler hat and two
big black round
cartoon ears
nose an upside down seven
mouth a black credit card shaped slot
eyes two mascar-ed holes
of sadness in the face
of neutrality brutality
so ya so ya
boom boom man in the
bowler a death man
singing the body bag blues

is this what war and mayhem
are like oh my gawd
my arm the death arm
attached to the death
body of me and all that
i might be responsible for

fly stay away from that
you cannot be in
the fishy fish we
are going to eat
go figure what
you are trying to
say to me and
dish it up
but right now i’m going to
ah now you’re back again
too goddamn loud
spewing germs
get off the fucking fish
ok ok
i’ll cover it but
you too are covered
there is a death warrant which...
flyi pause
i stop
i do not admit defeat

o my gawd
i don’t believe it
are you going to be
frank the fly number 2
are you the sequel to
frank the fly
fly that heroic black
bugger of a fly that
fried his wings in
the candle up north
and then wallowed in
pain anger and disgust
in heroic fashion
until days later when
he was immolated
in the wood stove
by some sensitive human

that is history
and yes flytory too

so our dinner discussion
is over genocide
and what is the
real insecticide

of our humanoid devoid
of our responsibilitoid
and then boom
i have a thought

am i not committing
fly fly genocide by
dispatching all these
flying black carcasses
of elemental excess
to their happy flaunting grounds

what should my response
to flyocide be
just outrage
no more
and forgiveness
just forgiveness and outrage
and prevention
just forgiveness outrage
and prevention
especially prevention
but that’s where the outrage
and the forgiveness
come in
now frank the fly number 2
i must give you full credit
because of your blood line

as i give full justice to
his flygodliness
frank the fly
i say to you
all hail
frank the fly 2

but then
but then
the buzzing
the fucking buzzing

bat bat bat
smash smash smash
fly bits and blood and
and silent

fly screams of ultimate
frozen wings
antennae twitch
legs pedalling
where does a
fly come from
what void zoid
what unknown darkness
what unconscious jest

so i take a bath
to wash off the sins
of my unfathers
and in there
submerged in the
heat where nothing
else matters
but me
what’s that
not here
not in this locked steaming

bathroom i have escaped to
not in here
impossible unless it
or he or she or whatever
fly gender is actuality
followed me in because
she he it etc is buzzing me
buzzing me
in my bath
buzzing me
in my bath
when there is just supposed to be me
it is allowed because it is fate
fly flies are really real
are beings
are gods
then back buzzing
me in the bath
back and forth
back and forth
then lands at
the door bottom crack
sniffs the antennas or whatever
then flies out the crack
into the basement

i’m in shock
then it flies back in again
just as freakingly quick
shiver me freakin timbers
flyman you have a
dogggggone brain
you know the way in
you know the way out
you are resurrected
your spirit is in every fly
you carry the universe in you
your love of me burns
like a little pulsing black
organ of love hole
you are my alter halter ego eggo
a feast fit for a
man who unconsciously
wants to be a fly
so he can fly

the fly flies
and the flies fly
that’s all one
need understand

what if i argue that
the real genocide is
fly paper
those gooey

vomit brown
stick strips
that pull out
the time bomb and
hang from the
cottage ceiling
like a garrotte
or like useless
but beware
mmmmbuzz buzz
smells good
and that pepperoni
you love pepperoni
it makes you ha ha ha
so i smack stick stick
stick you smack you
my mouth chaps
chained with
glue of death
stuck there
to starve
or what’s that

ah a d.d.t.
for sure