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11 November 2011 - Me and Ingmar

Here is a little seven page play for your enjoyment.  It's called Me and Ingmar (as in Bergman).

Download Me and Ingmar


17 October 2011 - launching Dying Symphony, my new book of poetry.

Oh my gawd, it's been almost a year since I put anything up in this current section. I promise to do better, honest.

But I'm thrilled to announce my new offering of poetry and offer it to you as a free download. Dying Symphony traces the moving death of my mother over a period of seven weeks - she died in February 2010. The poems are in chronological order and reflect both the tenderness and the pain of the experience for the whole family.

Download Dying Symphony.


28 October 2010 - VIDEO of a public reading of Beast Eden Way

In early October, 2010, Platform 9 Theatre organized a reading of my new play Beast Eden Way.

The piece follows a young couple the night they move into their new house and have to deal with such things as jealousy, fear, and…yes…the Beast.

The video below shows you some highlights....

The VIDEO is this way =>


21 September 2010 - You are invited to the reading of a play

Upcoming for me is a reading of my play Beast Eden Way, which I am continuing to develop. I was commissioned to write it a few years ago for 1157 Performance Group in the UK; they performed it in 2008 as part of their Suburbia Series. Since I could not work with them during their rehearsal period...

Beast Eden Way is over here - if you dare!!!


23 August 2010 - A G20 Play; being written as we speak

Photo of cheese sandwich

Read Scene One in .pdf format; Download the .pdf to your computer.


15 August 2010 - Slogans of the G20 Protestors

I’m starting to write my G20 play and have gone through all our photos to see what all the signs said. I expect to create some choral pieces as a way to present the variety of ideas presented.

Slogans of the G20 Protestors


3 August 2010 - WASP

Wendy and I just came back from Paris and while there we visited Samuel Beckett’s grave. Before we left I was telling people I was going to have a séance on the lad’s grave. That was for dramatic effect. But while looking at his grave I wrote WASP.  If you have a Beckett story, send it my way:

WASP is this a'way


24 July 2010 - A New Play Idea – G20, here I come!

I’ve been reading and looking at the mass of G20 material that was generated around the recent international summit in Toronto at the end of June. I’ve been going through mainstream and independent media, plus all the material posted by individuals, including bloggers and the long list of people responding to the articles, videos, etc. There is...

G20, here I come




17 July 2010 - What Does It Take (a poem-exercise)

WHAT DOES IT TAKE is a poem exercise to find a new title for my school play NOTHING TO LOSE (See 22 May 2010).

I want to write an expanded version of that play and want a new title that is more pointed. The poem, however, seems excessively abstract for me – I usually like to work with a specific physical situation. But because this was a brainstorm to find something, the abstraction didn’t matter, though I pictured parts of the initial play in my head when creating the poem.

What does it take? is the question I asked. What does it take to stop violence? What does it take to understand others?

The play will look at issues of teen violence. For the time being I have decided on a working title for the expanded school play: WHATEVER IT TAKES. It is the answer to the question: What does it take?

What Does It Take


10 July 2010 - Us And Them ( a poem )

We as individuals must resist the inevitable ‘us and them’ of our lives.  It is a reminder that must come from within and without. Whether it’s personal relationships or G20 turmoil, we are presented with a choice if we ...

Us And Them


3 July 2010 - The 1000 Blows That Killed My World

I’m walking along the street, the summer laid out before me, somehow dangling between what is and what could be, and the title The 1000 Blows That Killed My World pops into my mind.

Is it a response ...

The 1000 Blows That Killed My World


26 June 2010 - The Birth of The Beginning of Death

In 2007 I sat on a hot beach in Cuba and out came this short story, the first I’d written in over twenty-five years. There was no thinking beforehand, just the impulse to start writing...

The Birth of The Beginning of Death


19 June 2010 - Beckett Bombs

Wendy and I are going back to Paris this summer because there’s nothing better. Love and Paris, mmmmm. But while we’re there we’re going to have a séance on Sam Beckett’s grave...

Beckett Bombs


12 June 2010

Love Assassin - a play. What might have gone on inside the head of James Earl Ray who shot Martin Luther King.

I started writing Love Assassin over ten years ago. I had been teaching MLK’s writings to my grade 13s and had become interested in writing a play on something that sprang from the historical events. I read in Gerald Posner’s Killing the Dream that assassin James Earl Ray had been hiding out in Toronto two days after shooting MLK. I just knew I wanted to set the piece in Ray’s rooming house on Ossington Ave....

Love Assassin


5 June 2010 - (an excellent short story)

It’s Time is about separation, exploration, and inevitability.

I heard a story on the ancient navigators of the Pacific who sailed vast distances using their special expertise... (read more)

It's Time


29 May 2010 - Change. A short story

There I was, never had a chance to move, and I was being driven along, along, along, and talk ensued, and later I thought, why not, and typed out the things we didn’t say.... [more after the jump]



22 May 2010 - A Play and Play-writing

Teen violence is always here, is always an issue. Last night (May 17) another 15 year old was shot to death in Toronto, the city’s 16th homicide. Stats indicate there has been a consistent 50-60 deaths a year in Canada by teen violence over the past few decades, but what is getting worse is the frequency of weapons and the shift to gang/group activity. Of course many of the lesser crimes go unreported for fear of reprisals. My intention with Nothing To Lose is to inform and create some discussion around this important topic.

Nothing To Lose - the Play and Notes


15 May 2010 - anther shrt stry

So there I was lined up waiting for my food, when it happened. Well, it happened in my head more than anywhere else, but that is good enough. See if this story called Next makes you hungry.

Next (2010)


8 May 2010 - shrt stry

Ah, The Good Old Days

Back in the early 1980s, I wrote a number of short stories, which I looked at recently as I am turning my hand to them again. None of these stories was published; in fact, none was read by anyone, if memory serves me correctly. They ended up in a box in the garage.
But writing short stories again has inspired me to look at the old ones to see if thirty years really changes anything. Well, the jury is still out on that one, but thought I would share my story Eye for an Eye. I think the ending kicks ass. Let me know what you think.

Eye For An Eye


2 May 2010

photoAfter a long illness in hospital, Dorothy Fulford, my mother of ninety grand years, passed away on February 24th, which I why I haven’t put up any current material lately. 

She had a beautiful life, and in death revealed a courage and sensitivity that we were all inspired by. 

For seven weeks I wrote daily poems on my experience in the hospital with her. 

Sometime in the near future I will edit these poems and put them on the site under the title of Mother Death. But for now, here are the first two. In the second poem, “2 blue h’s” refers to the blue and white sign you see on the hospital from a distance; “beloved” refers to my partner Wendy who went with me every day to visit mum.

i imagine her

2 blue hs


17 January 2010

=> Buzz My Headgear; A Poem

The Horizontal Version

The Vertical Version


December 29, 2009
=> Beast Eden Way - The Play

After a read-through

Read Scene One and send your comments


December 22, 2009
=> The Paris Poems, Offering # 1

December 1, 2009
=> Rat - The Play


November 22, 2009
=> Two short essays on Writing

November 16, 2009

=> My relationship with rats was recently front and centre in my head gear. 
DEATH OF A RAT is a poetic memoir of both recent and past experiences with those fearsome rodents.  I'm also writing a monologue on a rat catcher, but more about that next week.

=> Last year my father got very ill and had to go into hospital. I wrote a number of poems about him being sick and recovering. Last month I wrote two more after I had been revising the 2008 batch. They are:




November 2009

Because it is Holocaust Week, here are two poems that I want you to read. I wrote them last year at this time. Both came from stories I read in the paper.

Auschwitz Blueprints

Holocaust Day 1


September 2009

Question: What's going on right now with Robin?

Answer: The answer is in the video below from September 2009.




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