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A Play by Robin Fulford

Nothing To Lose - a Grade Eleven drama; 2010


1. Nothing To Lose: The Play - stage directions; the text; it all.

Nothing To Lose

A pdf that will open in your .pdf viewer; you can then File -> Save Page As if you wish to save it to your computer.

Nothing To Lose

A zip version that will be downloaded directly to your computer as a zip file.


2. The Playwright's Notebook

Some background notes and explanatory information: subject; topical events; range of voices; the title; etc.

Also includes Choice Comments: a selection of comments from students who saw the first workshop production. They are in grades 7 and 8 for the most as the older students just talked to me. Their sentiments were pretty similar to the younger students. 

The Playwright's Notebook .pdf version that opens in your viewer.

The PLaywright's Notebook zip version for direct download.




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