Collective Creations (1989-99)

Theatre is a collaborative art.

I depend on actors, directors, and designers to help develop my scripts. I have also been fortunate to work with other writers such as Sally Clark, Daniel MacIvor, and John Mighton to create a unique theatrical experiences for the audience.

The following collectives I was involved in taught me much about writing and about how to manage large scale theatre.

· White Trash Blue Eyes (1989) – This interactive experience was staged in a real bar in which the local community was fighting a new wave of gentrification. Audience drank alongside the actors.
· Sleeproom (1992) – An environmental piece, inspired by the mind control experiments of Dr. Ewen Cameron. The audience was led around the complex of the Institute of Inner Ecology and give psychological testing.
· Megatropolis (1999) – Fritz Lang’s Metropolis was the springboard to responding to the megasizing of Toronto at the time. This is wordless, cinematic theatre with extravagant movement and original sound to blast the senses.

White Trash Blue Eyes



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