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They're At the Void, They're Dung (1983, Rhubarb! Festival) - a demented therapy session.  30 min

After The Sky (1985, first production of Platform 9 Theatre) - the tragedy of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.  90 min

The Visit (1986, Platform 9 Theatre) - a couple puts their disabled child in an institution.  20 min

Couch Enigma (1986, Rhubarb! Festival) - a crazy family falls apart even more.  20 min

Steel Kiss (1987, Platform 9) – teens murder a gay man and face trial.  70 min

Lovesong (1987, Rhubarb! Festival) - a docudrama on the Bell Repairman murderer.  20 min

Darksong (1988, Platform 9) - a woman outs her rapist after a brutal attack.  60 min

Organic Divide (1988, Rhubarb! Festival) - a man tells his wife he was caught in a bathroom soliciting sex.  20 min

Civilization of a Shoeshine Boy (with Ken McDougall, 1991, Platform 9) - Emanuel Jaques' murder in Toronto, 1977.  80 min

Swahili Godot (1992, Platform 9) - an unhappy man hits his wife and must pay the consequences.

Sleeproom (with Sally Clark, Daniel MacIvor, and John Mighton; 1992, Platform 9 and Theatre Passe Muraille) - inspired by Dr. Cameron's mind control experiments in the 1950's.  120 min

Mouth (1994, Platform 9) - a nightmare family presses on Son who just wants to be what he isn’t.  65 min

Slay Me (1995, Platform 9) - a recreation of  Wagner's Die Walkure of the Ring Cycle.  90 min

Sleepers Awake! (with Adam Nashman; 1995, Platform 9 and Bald Ego) An adaptation of Kenneth Patchen's novel of the same name.  100 min

Eddycandyside (1996, Platform 9) - a young man enters hospital and gets ready to die.  70 min

Gulag (1996, Platform 9) - sequel to Steel Kiss; the killers of a gay man end their jail terms and try to readjust.  90 min

Megatropolis (1998, Platform 9 and Die In Debt) - inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis.  110 min

Obedience (2003, Rhubarb Festival) - an adaptation of the famous Milgram Obedience Experiments.  25 min

Five Fingers (2003, Platform 9) - an expansion of Swahili Godot: a man seeks forgiveness after hitting his wife.  70 min

Tunnel (2005, Platform 9) - a man teeters on the edge of his psyche, explosives spilling from his tux.  65 min

Beast Eden Way (2008, 1157 Performance Group) - a young couple buy a house in suburbia and meet the beast. 95 min

Whitewash (2008, Platform 9) - the Ipperwash crisis and the murder of native Dudley George.  65 min



Published Plays:

 Steel Kiss (1991, Blizzard Publishing)

Lovesong in SOLO (1994, ed. Jason Sherman, Coach House)

Faggot: Steel Kiss/Gulag (1999, Blizzard Publishing)

Short Unproduced Plays:

White Zinc (1981), The Jeweler (1981), The Lifeguard (1981), The Movie Star (1981), The Twins (1981), Pharaoh and Daughter (1981), The Corner (1982), Waiting for Escargot (1982), Sanity and Madness in the Family (1983), Boom: I Love You Megatons (1985), Suzie Current (1985), Hamlet and Ophelia (1986), Pushed from the Inside (1988), Here's Looking Down at You (1988), Immune Wars (1989), Shunt Repeater (1989), The Coil (1991), Orange Waves (1992), The Weeded Mouth (1993).

Longer Unproduced Plays:

 Kilometer 31 (1983), Kangaroo (1983, written as part of the Tarragon Playwrights Unit under Urjo Kareda; winner of the Smile Theatre Company's annual new play award.) Somewhere Else (1985), Horizontal Rain (1986), Under Love (1986), The Obedience Experiments (1997)


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