Teen Plays

As a high-school teacher, I have written and directed a number of half-hour plays for an independent school drama festival starting in 1984 and going to the present. These plays have often been about similar themes as my adult plays - native issues, mind control, relationships – and have been just as important in teaching me about theatre and people.

You may download the .pdfs of the following plays for free. However, if you want to produce any of them please contact me at for permission. I am also selling a book with all of the plays in it. Go to the soon-to-exist sales section to purchase.

The plays are lsited in chronological order, rather than alphabetically.

· It Comes From There (1984) – Trying to survive the apocalypse, five young males struggle for power and acceptance within the group. Download .pdf.

· Eddycandyside (1986) – A friend attempts suicide, leaving Eddy blaming himself for what occurred. Ultimately he makes sense of the desperate act. Download .pdf.

· Billy Common (1987) – Standing up to his authoritarian father, Billy learns the value of honesty and courage when fighting against the odds. Download .pdf.

· Obedience (1999) – A recreation of Stanley Milgram’s experiments in cartoon fashion reveals how obedience to authority makes us do things we don’t want to. Download .pdf.

· Lie In the Head (2000) – Developing respect in a relationship is an essential first step in the chaotic dating scene of a pile of teens. Download .pdf.

· Institute (2001) – A satire on brainwashing, this piece explores how we will depend on others to help define ourselves, and not just in a good way. Download .pdf.

· Vulture (2002) – A school radio station must close causing the student members to protest. They struggle to decide just how they can get their message out. Download .pdf.

· Whitewash (2005, the short version) – This play is about the death of native Dudley George in 1995 by the Ontario Provincial Police and the fallout it created. Download .pdf.

· Kashechewan: Third World Canada (2006) – The tainted water scandal of a reserve on James Bay shows how the disenfranchised must fight for themselves. Download .pdf.

· Six Nations Standoff (2007) – The confrontation on the Six Nation reserve over land ownership between the natives and non-natives just gets more nasty. Download .pdf.

· Protest Everything (2008) – A satire on consumerism, this piece has a corporation creating a pill that makes people consume more to be “happy”. Download .pdf.



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