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The UK Connection (1999/2007/2010)
I have developed two pieces with 1157 Performance Group in England – Swahili Godot and Beast Eden Way.

Swahili Godot toured the UK in 1999, where the highly physical 1157 took my poetic play about spousal abuse and gave it a visceral and moving production. Director/designer Wendy White and I co-directed the initial rehearsals. Wendy also collaborated extensively with the writing.

1157 then commissioned me to do Beast Eden Way for its series on suburbia. They workshopped it in 2007, and will produce it for tour in 2010. Beast takes a look under the veneer of civility to see what is really there. Grrr.

Below is sample video made by 1157, with some introductory words about creativity in mounting a play.

Beast Eden Way

This workshop video of Beast Eden Way demonstrates how the very physical 1157 Performance Group from England is working with my words. I wrote a traditional text composed of dialogue and monologue; but now I’m sitting back and watching what they do with it.

Beast can be played straightforwardly, or it can be reapproached through inventive staging and sound that highlights and explores the text in a much more imaginative way.

Here you see Jo Dagless and Matthew Scott adding a highly stylized form of movement as an interpretation of the dialogue which they have recorded as voice-over. The monologues they are doing live.

You get an idea from this workshop of the possibilities of inventive and exciting theatre that can look pretty traditional on the page. 1157 are producing Beast Eden Way in 2010.

Video: 4 minutes 36 seconds of one scene from Beast Eden Way. There is an audio track too, so turn on your speakers.



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