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Whitewash (2008)
This is my most recent play.

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It explores the murder of native Dudley George by the Ontario Provincial Police in 1995 and the subsequent public inquiry of 2007.

Being a white guy tackling a native issue (though not just native), and then hiring native actors and non-native designers and director to mount this Platform 9 production, proved to be politically contentious - yet enriching and hugely educational. I want to have another production so that I can complete the script of what I think is a very important story.

Canada needs to have a much deeper grasp of native issues. Our common future depends on it.

Someone take this play to our high schools!

Our talk-back sessions with teens in 2008 proved there is a hunger and a need for this kind of play both in schools and in the general public.

The poster for the play; some stills from the performance are below.

Whitewash poster


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Photo Gallery of Whitewash production and Workshop.


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