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Poetry underpins all my writing. 

I started with poetry in university.

Years later, when my uncle Ken saw my first full play, he came and congratulated me saying: Ah, still the poet

For him, poetry was the pinnacle. 

For me, it depends on the situation, but I don’t seem to be able to leave home without it.

All my plays are poetic – full of poetry, poetic prose...playing the music and meaning of language. My play structures are also poetic, often a series of scenes juxtaposed to each other, just as I will do in my poetry.

Poetry, I cannot deny. The novel I’m in the midst of finishing has all sorts of poetry in it. In fact, the climax is a poetry reading. Wow, how exciting can I get? 

Poetry gives power, gives shortcuts, gives guts, gives the smooth breath that you and I breathe. There is the outside and there is the inside. The inside is poetry – it’s darker, lighter, more mysterious, more bizarre, wise, chaotic, lustful, and loving. You just can’t beat it. You get to wallow.

My poetry divides into two main areas, the first being longer narrative poems, or groups of poems, inspired by outside events – historical situations, people, cultures.

The second area is my personal poems, dealing with living, dying, and loving as I do the laps of existence.

Capone illustration

I have done poetry suites on Elvis, Chagall, Capone, Job, Scott, a mythic African tribe, a series of characters who I witnessed at the corner of Bloor and Bathurst in Toronto over a span of years. 

It was creating these narrative pieces that led me first to writing short stories and, soon after, plays.

Most of my poetry is now personal in nature. I’m in the midst of revising and organizing my 2008 poetry. 

It breaks down into five categories

Having written poems for getting on to forty years, my erotic love poems are the most memorable for me. I mean, you smell the smell and then you write the smell and then you smell it again.

you smell
the smell
and then
you write
the smell
and then
you smell
it again

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Some poems for your enjoyment:


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